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North Shore Challenge 2005 Results

Judging was held on March 5th, 2005.Overall, our club was awarded 189 points out of a possible 300 points.Our score was exactly the median score of all the 27 clubs who participated. (In other words, we're right in the middle.)We can all be proud of this achievement, because it's a significant improvement from previous years.

Meghan Blanchard - Memorial
Honourable Mention ribbon
Memorial, by Meghan Blanchard (22 points)
Mike Kohut - Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox, by Mike Kohut (21 points)
Debbie Malm - The Passion for Hockey
The Passion for Hockey, by Debbie Malm (20 points)
Diane Sullivan - Owl
Owl, by Diane Sullivan (20 points)
Bob D'Auray - Full Tilt Boogie
Full Tilt Boogie, by Bob D'Auray (19 points)
Sandra Hay - Pensive
Pensive, by Sandra Hay (19 points)
Birgit Allgaier - Life Lines
Life Lines, by Birgit Allgaier (18 points)
Chris Blanchard - The Colour Purple
The Colour Purple, by Chris Blanchard (18 points)
Sean McGee - Dream Fountain Infrared
Dream Fountain Infrared, by Sean McGee (16 points)
Bob Steventon - Tree on the Wye
Tree on the Wye, by Bob Steventon (16 points)
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