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North Shore Challenge 2006 Results

Judging was held on March 11th, 2006.Overall, our club was awarded 165 points out of a possible 270 points.Unfortunately that's a significant drop from last year's total score, although we're still pretty close to the middle.Of the 26 clubs who participated, the median score was 174.

Mike Kohut - Railroad Sunset
Railroad Sunset, by Mike Kohut (20 points)
Bob Steventon - Generation
Generation, by Bob Steventon (20 points)
Diane Sullivan - Lily Swirl
Lily Swirl, by Diane Sullivan (19 points)
Debbie Malm - Standing Alone
Standing Alone, by Debbie Malm (18 points)
Bob dauray - Snack Time
Snack Time, by Bob D'auray (17 points)
Sandra Hay - Caravan
Caravan, by Sandra Hay (16 points)
Wayne Carlton - Lagoon Mallard
Lagoon Mallard, by Wayne Carlton (15 points)
Don Frood - House on Madeleine Island
House on Madeleine Island, by Don Frood (15 points)
Chris Blanchard - Balloons
Balloons, by Chris Blanchard (13 points)
Meghan Blanchard - Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship, by Meghan Blanchard (12 points)
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