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North Shore Challenge 2007 Results

Judging was held on March 3rd, 2007.Overall, our club was awarded 137 points out of a possible 270 points.Unfortunately that's a drop from last year's score of 165.However, the median score also dropped from 174 last year to 143 this year, so it's not just us that dropped. We're still holding our own relative to other clubs.

Dan Abraham - Dusk on the West Coast Trail
Honourable Mention
Dusk on the West Coast Trail, by Dan Abraham (19 points)
Sandra Hay - Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly, by Sandra Hay (16 points)
Debbie Malm - Remembrance
Remembrance, by Debbie Malm (16 points)
Mike Kohut - Bird on a Wire
Bird On A Wire, by Mike Kohut (15 points)
Ute Wilder - Dragonfly
Dragonfly, by ute Wilder (13 points)
Wayne Carlton - Heron
Heron, by Wayne Carlton (13 points)
Bob Steventon - The Sinkut Brass
The Sinkut Brass, by Bob Steventon (12 points)
Don Frood - London Tube
London Tube, by Don Frood (12 points)
Jennifer Hawke - Urban Nature
Urban Nature, by Jennifer Hawke (11 points)
Ian Hyslop - River Kayaking
River Kayaking, by Ian Hyslop (10 points)
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