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North Shore Challenge 2013 results

This page shows our 10 submissions, listed in order from highest official score to lowest official score.The scores from our internal judging are shown beside the offical scores. Many thanks to everyone who participated.

Pull Up, by Bill Bailey (official 7+8+7=22, internal 9+9+10=28)
Beneath The Pole Star, by Greg Drozda (official 7+7+6=20, internal 8+7+8=23)
Owl 2, by Joy Miller (official 7+7+6=20, internal 9+8+9=26)
Hail and Hellebore, by Gail Yezovich (official 7+6+6=19, internal 8+7+8=23)
The Meeting, by David Wlasitz (official 7+6+6=19, internal 9+7+8=24)
I Got My Eye On You, by Wayne Carlton (official 6+7+5=18, internal 7+9+7=23)
Canyon by Sunset, by Jeff Postnikoff (official 6+6+6=18, internal 8+6+7=21)
The Road to Salvation, by Sandra Hay (official 6+6+6=18, internal 8+7+7=22)
Winter Song, by Michelle Sims (official 6+6+5=17, internal 9+8+7=24)
Winter's Creation, by Jodi Schulz (official 7+5+5=17, internal 8+7+8=23)
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