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North Shore Challenge 2014 results

This page shows our 6 club submissions, listed in order from highest official score to lowest official score.The score from our internal selection is shown next to the official score. (Note: Our internal selection was just a vote by all members, not a judging process.) Many thanks to everyone who participated.Overall, our club ranked 7th place (tied with 3 other clubs) out of 28 clubs. Congratulations to Wayne Carlton for receiving an Honourable Mention.

Honourable Mention
Grounded, by Wayne Carlton (official 8+7+8=23, internal 17)
Sleeping Beauty, by Ute Wilder (official 8+7+7=22, internal 18)
Half Dome, by Joann Kennedy (official 8+6+7=21, internal 20)
Nature's Wind Sock, by Debbie Dow (official 6+5+8=19, internal 13)
Smoken, by Doug Lamb (official 6+6+7=19, internal 11)
Stairway to Heaven, by Sandra Hay (official 6+6+7=19, internal 16)
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