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North Shore Challenge 2016 results

This page shows our clubs six submissions, listed in order from highest club score to lowest. Many thanks to everyone who participated. All images that were submitted are here.

The club scored 114 points putting our club in 16th place out of 30 participating clubs. Competition score for each image is listed after the club score.

A muscular man using a power tool to throw sparks
Sparky, Kathy Norby (24 Club score), Final Score - 19
A monochrome image of a train bridge over a river
Nechako Fog, Joann Kennedy (23 Club score), Final Score - 19
A view of Tenby showing buildings in various colours
Colours of Tenby, Debbie Malm (23 Club score), Final Score - 19
A close up of a White Crowned Sparrow perched on a twig
White Crowned Sparrow, Greg Drozda (22 Club score), Final Score - 18
Smoke rising from a stack on a steam train on a bridge
Non Existent Days, Jeff Postnikoff (22 Club score), Final Score - 18
Wispy smoke rising from stacks across a river
Honourable Mention
Mill by the Fraser, Kevin Gagel (20 Club score), Final Score - 21
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