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Richmond Print Challenge 2006 Results

This is an annual competition open to all clubs who are members of the CAPA Pacific Zone.Judging was held in April 2006.Overall, we came in 7th out of 14 clubs.Our score was 206; the top scoring club "Art Photo Club" scored 227. This is an excellent achievement for a small club like ours, and also it's a big improvement from last year.

And here are the individual results:

Bob Steventon - An Eye on You
An Eye on You, by Bob Steventon (23 points)
Wayne Carlton - Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels, by Wayne Carlton (22 points)
Don Frood - Plum Blossom
Plum Blossom, by Don Frood (22 points)
Mike Kohut - Railroad Sunset
Railroad Sunset, by Mike Kohut (22 points)

This image was unavailable

Portrait of Ali, by Sandra Hay (21 points)
Bob D'auray - Black Powder
Black Powder, by Bob D'auray (21 points)
Debbie Malm - Painter of Carmel
Painter of Carmel, by Debbie Malm (20 points)
Debbie Roberts - Skating Pond
Skating Pond at Pyramid Lake, by Debbie Roberts (19 points)
Doug Petican - Killbear
Killbear, by Doug Petican (19 points)
Ute Wilder - Early Morning Frost
Early Morning Frost, by Ute Wilder (17 points)