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Pacific Zone Print Challenge 2019 results

This page shows our ten submissions, listed in order from the highest awarded score to lowest (ties are alphabetical). Many thanks to everyone who participated.

The club scored 224.5 points putting our club in 10th place out of 16 participating clubs. Competition score for each image is listed after the club score.

All Club Awards are here. All Club Scores are here. All Photographer Awards are here.

A humming bird drying it's feathers
Air Dry Only, Greg Drozda (20 Club score), Final Score - 24.50
A close up image of a fly with prominent eyes
Bug Eyed, Dana Schwehr (20 Club score), Final Score - 23.50
A man and dog standing on a trail, mountainside looking out at the view
Admiring the View, Wendy Wlasitz (22 Club score), Final Score - 23
A piece of driftwood not yet smoothened out by water and time
Juvenile Driftwood, Joe Graber (21 Club score), Final Score - 22.50
Grapes still on the vine with leaves in fall colours
Colours of the Harvest, Sandra hay (21 Club score), Final Score - 22.50
Sunflowers in a vase on a table with a texture applied to the image
Sunflowers, Debbie Malm (24 Club score), Final Score - 22.50
Two people using metal detector and digging in sand on a beach during sunset
The Treasure Hunters, Derek Belsham (20 Club score), Final Score - 21.50
A church building with two towers, one on each side of the entrance
Twin Towers, Joy Miller (22 Club score), Final Score - 21.50
A silouette of two people standing in a large brick doorway with ornamental ironworks in the windows
Pause at the Palace Door, Michelle Sims (20 Club score), Final Score - 21.50
A shoreline with a reflection mirroring into the water
Kildaia Shoreline, Bob Steventon (20 Club score), Final Score - 21.50