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Richmond Print Challenge 2007 Submissions

These are the images we submitted to the 2007 CAPA Pacific Zone Print Challenge (also known as the Richmond Print Challenge).The images are shown in alphabetical order by photographer's name. Judging took place Sunday, April 22, at the Richmond Arts Center.

Louise Chernenkoff - Sweet Violets
Sweet Violets" by Louise Chernenkoff
Don Frood - Dordogne Village
Dordogne Village, by Don Frood
Sandra Hay - Monarch
Monarch, by Sandra Hay
Peter Hovestad - Market Flowers
Market Flowers, by Peter Hovestad
Eddie Johnson - Blunden Harbour Tranquillity
Blunden Harbour Tranquillity" by Eddie Johnson

(image not available)

Embers, by Maureen Kenward
Mike Kohut - Midway
Midway, by Mike Kohut
Debbie Malm - Santa's Little Helper
Santa's Little Helper, by Debbie Malm
Diane Sullivan - Reflection
Reflection, by Diane Sullivan
Ute Wilder - Early Morning Dew
Early Morning Dew, by Ute Wilder