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Lions Gate Celebration of Nature Competition 2006

The following is a list of all our images, listed in order by official score. Our thanks and congratulations to everyone who contributed to this contest.

Bob Steventon - North Beach Sandpiper
North Beach Sandpiper, by Bob Steventon (24 points)
Ute Wilder - Dragonfly
Dragonfly, by Ute Wilder (21 points)
Sandra Hay - Mexican Whistling Ducks
Mexican Whistling Ducks, by Sandra Hay (21 points)
Diane Sullivan - Nature's Website
Nature's Website, by Diane Sullivan (20 points)
Jennifer Hawke - After the Rain
After the Rain, by Jennifer Hawke (20 points)
Wayne Carlton - Heron
Heron, by Wayne Carlton (19 points)
Peter Hovestad - Alpine Bloom
Alpine Bloom, by Peter Hovestad (19 points)
Mike Kohut - Farwell Canyon Sheep
Farwell Canyon Sheep, by Mike Kohut (19 points)
Bob Dauray - Double Bow
Double Bow, by Bob D'auray (18 points)
Debbie Malm - Pussy Willows
Pussy Willows, by Debbie Malm (17 points)