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Lions Gate Celebration of Nature Competition 2016 Results

The following is a list of all our images, listed in order by our Club's score, followed by the competition score. Our thanks and congratulations to everyone who contributed to this contest.

Honourable Mention
I Got My Back, by Debbie Malm (23/26.5)
Mush Bowl, by Dana Schwehr (23/22.6)
Autumn Morning, by Joann Kennedy (22/23.5)
Ring Neck Ducks, by Derek Belsham (22/20.5)
Curls, by Igor Sainchuk (21/23)
Father & Son, by Greg Drozda (21/22)
"Lappet-faced Vulture Stakes a Claim, by Jen Sawicky (21/25.5)
Up Close & Personal, by Wayne Carlton (21/20.5)