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Lions Gate Celebration of Nature Competition 2011 Results

Overall we came in 3rd place out of 24 clubs, with a club score of 197. This is our highest ranking ever. The highest club score was 217 (Lions Gate Camera Club).

The following is a list of all our images, listed in order by individual score. Our thanks and congratulations to everyone who contributed to this contest. Special congratulations to Llaesea, Greg, and Bill for their individual achievements as noted below.

Honourable Mention in Best in Show category
First Place in Mammals category
Cautious, by Greg Drozda (25/30 points)
Honourable Mention in Best in Show category
Honourable Mention in Birds category
Joy!, by Llaesa North (25/30 points)
Third Place in Mammals category
Winter Berry Feast, by Bill Bailey (22/30 points)
Hangin' Out, by Wayne Carlton (19/30 points)
The Last Gulp, by Al Wood (18/30 points)
Spraying Cologne, by Ian Hyslop (18/30 points)
Badlands, by Ute Wilder (18/30 points)
Lazuli Bunting Singing on a Clear Day, by Bob Steventon (18/30 points)
Mother Leads the Way, by Joy Miller (17/30 points)
Armoured and Ready, by Margaret Bathy (17/30 points)